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My 20 years in the fashion industry have taught me a lot about women, how we connect to our personal style and how it relates to where we are in our journey. Unfortunately, I’ve also seen fashion as a division among women.  Singles vs. marrieds, youth vs. age, thin vs. curvy, moms vs. women with no children, single moms vs. married moms and career women vs. stay at home. Wouldn’t it be great if we learned from each other?  Personally, I’m a married mother of 3 who works freelance. So, I feel like I fit in a few of these phases simultaneously. I’m a bit of a mix.  I’m a hustling, giving wild card (see below).  I have many friends in all phases or as I like to call them “faces” because every phase has its own identity and I love the nuggets of wisdom I gain from each. In the following post, you’ll see how I’ve narrowed down these so-called “faces.” I started this site to connect women through fashion which often separates them. I’ll feature a look or piece we can all wear no matter what “face” we’re in.  As we walk through these moments in life, let’s walk hand in hand. Let’s stay united through Her Common Thread.

The “Faces”

When I’ve done personal styling in the past, I’ve always looked at three things beyond style and fit:

  1. Is this appropriate for her lifestyle?
  2. How versatile is this piece?
  3. What is her face in life?

It seemed most women fell into one of these 6 faces:


THE SEARCHER is still developing her sense of style.  She’s usually a bit younger, more casual and maybe on a tighter budget but can have fun taking bigger risks and experimenting with her look.  She has the world ahead of her and nowhere to go but up!


THE HUSTLER is more developed in her style.  She knows who she is and she’s working hard to prove it.  She’s researching in the mornings, attending lunch meetings in the afternoons, going to happy hours or events in the evenings, e-mailing all day and maybe even tucking little ones in at night.

momTHE GIVER is the woman who has either put her career on hold or has decided to make a career out of raising contributing members of society.  She’s the stay at home mom.  She’s making lunches, attending PTA and ARD meetings, chairing events, chauffering children to countless appointments, throwing and attending parties, attending assemblies, and feeding and clothing bodies other than herself everyday.  She does all this while still looking fabulous cheering on her son’s basketball game or holding back the tears at her daughter’s first recital.

 ceoTHE CEO is established.  She’s the epitome of the Girl Boss.  She usually has a hightened level of style with an appreciation of quality and the budget to support it.

veteranTHE VETERAN has an immense amount of life experience and has probably been all of these in some capacity.  She brings sophistication and wisdom to her wardrobe knowing exactly what to wear and when to wear it.

THE WILD CARD You know who she is.  You’ve seen her on the street, at book club,  in class, meetings or school pickup.  She’s the one who pushes the boundaries.  She’s usually some type of artist and can make a burlap sack look super cool.  She may even cause you to cock your head sideways a few times and wonder how in the world she came up with that but somehow it works! She’s always on top of the trends and has no age limit.  Pictured in the middle above is the incomparable Iris Apfel.  She is bound by no rules and has impeccable taste and style!  She’s a Wild Card!

Which face are you in?  Are you in more than one?  Let’s stay connected through our common threads!  Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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