New Year’s Resolution: Final Part

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The final installment in my resolution series has to do with self goals.  As a mother, I often leave myself for last.  It’s out of nothing but self inflicted mom guilt.  But no truer words than, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” were spoken. When we take time to take care for ourselves, we give our body energy and our mind rest.  This makes those little demands, errands, chores and fights a little easier to deal with.  So, as hard as it’s going to be to put myself a little farther up the list this year, I plan on doing it!



I’m ashamed to admit that I’m not one that gets regular check ups and I plan to change that.  Your health is something you should never be too busy for.  My mother and aunt are breast cancer survivors and my grandmother was as well before she passed.  Please help keep me accountable to that.  Of course, I’d love to lose some weight as I managed to pack a few on over the holidays. So, I’ve been going to the gym and making better decisions about what I eat. I’ve even lost a few pounds so far.  I’m not going to kill myself though over a number on a scale.  I’ve resided to that fact that this is me and where my body is comfortable.  It might fluctuate up and down depending on how busy I happen to be, what time of the month it is and how often I’m able to get to the gym that week.  I’m not going to run myself ragged and get burned out by February nor am I going to give myself a hard time if I want to eat a brownie.  My motto in life for just about anything is,” everything in moderation.”  That means exercise as well though.  I want to be strong and healthy so I can be here for my kids for a long, long time.



Since hitting a milestone birthday,  I’d like to be more aggressive with my skincare.  I’ve always done a fairly good job and have highly believed in preventative maintenance.  I rarely (like maybe 3 times a year) go to sleep with makeup on, I wear sunscreen, drink plenty of water and wear tons of moisturizer. But I’m here to tell you that aging stinks and there’s only so much you can do to fight time and gravity.  I recently had a laser procedure done that I’ll be doing a full post on so look for that in the near future.  At this point, I’m not really into anything involving a knife or needle but I plan on continuing treatments like this and I’ll let you know my favorites, what I feel are worth it and what was a waste of time and money!

 I often get questions about what I use so I’ve linked these at the bottom. I’ve been using the Pevonia brand for almost 20 years and attribute much of my skincare success to it.



This is THE MOST important part of my life and yet the part I find the least amount of time for.  I’m a Christian and strive to live my life by Biblical principles.  I’ve started having regular quiet times in the morning and reading scripture again.  I don’t know why I ever quit because it honestly makes my days so much better! I would really love to become more involved in a spiritual community.  I’m not sure how that will look but I’m trusting that God will show me.



I’ve never really had a fashion resolution but this year I’ve decided on a goal.  I’ve been feeling very guilty about my “fast fashion” purchases.  Yes, I know everyone doesn’t have a ton of money to spend on trendy clothing.  I work in fashion so I definitely don’t!  However, being in the industry for so long, I see how it effects the artists that have these original ideas.  They put in time, education, YEARS and true talent to come up with these designs.  Imagine if you created a beautiful piece of art, worked on it for months and spent tons of money to get into production then someone came behind you and copied it, put it into “fast production” (which often means some place overseas with small children or underpaid laborers working) and then sold it for a fraction of the price at a far lower quality.  I’m also trying to purchase quality over quantity.  I want to spend my money on pieces I will have for a long time (you know for like the next time they’re in style).  I do want to make it clear though that I’m not judging anyone who does it and I probably still will from time to time.  This is just my personal conviction.


So what have been your resolutions or goals for the new year?  How have you been doing on them?  I suggest that if you’ve already messed up, don’t quit.  Pick yourself up and start again with the knowledge you’ve gained so you can be better equipped to succeed next time.  We’re only human and that’s how God created us.  How boring would life be if we were all “perfect?”  The lessons and rewards are IN the journey!



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